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We have just released our new book specifically on Roebuck rocking horses.

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It is always interesting to find out a bit about people and what drives them to do what they do.

Please take some time to find out “about us“.

This is not just our website; this is a Rocking Horse information and story sharing site for those who share the passion for Rocking Horses.

If you have any information or stories on Roebuck, Bartlett or Peets horses; please share them with the Rocking Horse community.

Alternatively; if you don’t want your information public, please email me.

“Adults have fond memories of their own childhood rocking-horses. After all, in childhood country – where nothing could happen and everything did – a gallop over the moon on Neddy offered a deal more adventure than the best wooden jigsaw. And at night, when the warmest bed guaranteed no comforting protection from the lurking gremlins of a storm-thrashed window, the horse in the corner did”. Norman Roebuck June 14 1972.

The image of a Rocking Horse brings back fond memories of happy times as a child.

Here at Rocking Horse Shed our aim is to create these same fond memories for the next and future generations.

We offer a range of services:

Antique and Vintage Rocking Horse Restoration

  • Roebuck Restoration
  • Bartlett Restoration
  • Lou Peets restoration
  • We can even restore specially made Rocking Horses of no known maker

Coming soon we will also be able to offer a range of new Rocking Horses

  • Traditional Rocking Horses
  • Hobby Horses
  • Small lesser priced Rocking Horses
  • Ride in Rockers called Rock n Write
  • Walker/Trainers

We also offer spare parts kits for DIY’ers

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