Notice of Hiatus

Why restore a Rocking Horse?

A Rocking Horse has served its children well by providing many hours of fun, adventure, imagination and entertainment.

Please take a look at our restorations for sale.

Whether children have dreamed of becoming cowboys/cowgirls; riding the plains rounding up cattle, chasing stage coaches; or simply becoming champion jockeys; or equestrian champions; these Rocking Horses have never let them down.

These beautiful creatures don’t deserve to suffer the indignity of being laid bare, put on display in some antique shop mausoleum for passers bye to jeer at as though some kind of side show attraction and make comments like “that old girl looks like she’s had a hard life”.

Change roles; would you like to suffer the same indignity?

This is why restoration is so important.

Please give these beautiful creatures the dignity they so rightly deserve.

We are Specialists in Roebuck Restorations.

Our goal is to restore these and other makes as close as possible to their original condition with today’s available materials.

It is very important to restore a Rocking Horse to as close as possible to how it looked when it left the factory for 2 reasons:

  1. A Rocking Horse runs the risk of decreasing in value if it is  renovated as something other than its “signature look”; where as it has more chance of maintaining its value if it is restored to its “signature look” because it is then defined as a certain make.
  2. A Rocking Horse has its “signature look” which distinguishes and defines it from other brands.In most cases; these old manufacturers have built many thousands of Rocking Horses; they fully understand where their “vulnerable spots” are on the horses and where they are most often damaged; hence the reason why they look as they did rather than how you would have done it. This is how each brand had developed its own “signature look”.

It isn’t just another Roebuck; it is a Roebuck; it isn’t just another Bartlett; it is a Bartlett; it isn’t just another Lou Peets; it is a Lou Peets.

What distinguishes your Roebuck, Bartlett or Peets apart from all of the others? The fact that it is yours; it is your own piece of Australian history.

Whether you plan to keep your Rocking Horse or sell it; it is important to keep it with its “signature look”; for history’s sake if not your own.


We currently only restore or repair Wooden Rocking Horses; however; we may be able to point you in the right direction.