Cyclops / Triang

Whilst Cyclops were a major toy maker, they were relatively small in the Rocking Horse business.

Cyclops were purchased by Triang.

They made several different styles of plastic horses.

Their most popular was their Cowboy model with tubular steel frame.

The red rubber saddle would perish and was not a replaceable item, therefore other saddles were usually adapted.

Like all Polyethylene horses, if you want to paint them you cannot use regular acrylic paints as they do not stick to the plastic. The only two methods is to heat the plastic with a heat gun and paint the heated area before it cools. The pores close trapping the paint. The other method is fairly new since the conception of plastic bumper bars. You can apparently use bumper bar paint which adheres to the Polyethylene nicely.

Cyclops Cowboy Horse

Cyclops Cowboy Horse