Australian Rocking Horse Mfg

Australian Rocking Horse Company

Australian Rocking Horse Mfg.

The Australian Rocking Horse Mfg. of Castle Hill NSW formed and acquired a late model Roebuck Rocking Horse after the closure of FJ Roebuck Rocking Horse factory in Norton St Leichhardt in 1972 and cast a mould of it.

In 1974 they then went into production making Blow Moulded Polyethylene Rocking Horses till the 1990’s.

Like all Polyethylene horses, if you want to paint them you cannot use regular acrylic paints as they do not stick to the plastic. The only two methods is to heat the plastic with a heat gun and paint the heated area before it cools. The pores close trapping the paint.

Another method is fairly new since the conception of plastic bumper bars. You can apparently use bumper bar paint which adheres to the Polyethylene nicely. I have not tried this method yet.